The Difference

defining a category

There’s something about smoking a cigar
that feels like a celebration.”

demi moore


Joe’s vision for the concept of Cigartainment® was simple. Use the art of cigar rolling and smoking to elevate business, personal connections and leave every client and guest feeling like they were the most special person in the room!

The Sweigarts guarantee quality cigars and an expert hands-on experience for your guests to enjoy until the very last ash falls. That’s the Sweigart Cigar Co. difference.


The best Cuban cigar rollers use the entubado method of bunching which means that each filler-leaf is individually rolled into a mini-tube (it takes five of these for our cigars) before it is wrapped with the binder leaf. This produces the best draw possible and is far superior to the other methods.  Jorge and Elaine also finish the outside wrapper with the full ‘panuelo,’ which means there are three rings around the head of the cigar.


Add the finishing touch to your special event with custom cigar labels. Commemorate a special occasion or promote your business by adding your logo, date and text to your choice of cigar bands.  

Upon booking an event or ordering cigars you’ll receive our cigar band order form. If you have a logo, great, if not we can help you put together something special. You’ll receive a proof to review before printing.

Experience the Sweigart Cigar Co. difference yourself.